Sunday, 15 February 2015

My birthday

My Birthday makan-makan......

The Marvelous food

Laksa Lemak 

Potato Salad


White Cream Pasta

My Birthday Cake
Bengkang Roti

Friends and Family

Friends and Family

DQ Geng

 Acara Menyuap Birthday Kek

For my ever sweet Sister

 For My DQ Friends

 Thank you to all my family and friends. I am blessed with all of you around me. Special Thanks to the host Tengku Intan Fadzilah.

All of you....

Monday, 9 February 2015

On your birthday....

has always been special
we celebrate birthday together
not the same date though
but it meant a lot to me.
That few years
I held you in my arms
with all my love
for you are the first
That few years
we have been together
shall remain in heart forever
on your birthday
marks the second year
of my non-existence
for we have drifted apart
under the sad circumstances
May be one day
when you become a man
you will understand
and the truth you shall find
that I will love you till the end
May be one day
I'll be counting the years
when you will come by
and listen to my words
the story on my side
just may be one day
we will celebrate our birthday
together again.
May be one fine day.
Happy Birthday Boboy!

Sunday, 8 February 2015


aku akan mendengar
setiap degup resahmu
setiap detik kepiluan itu
meskipun aku tak punya jawapan.

Ceritalah lagi
aku akan setia mendengar
setiap baris kisah silam itu
setiap lakaran harapanmu
walaupun berkali 
aku tidak jemu.

Ceritalah lagi
aku sudah menjadi pendengar setia
teman berbicara
tentang kau
tentang dia
tentang kita.

Ceritalah lagi
semoga nanti
aku ada jawapannya
semoga nanti
kau akan temui bahagia

Ceritalah lagi.....Puteri!

5hb Feb 2015