Monday, 25 July 2011


...Hmmmm....lama jugak x update blog ni...busy sikit...
Apapun syukur kerana dah ada publisher untuk Novel Anugerah Kasih. Thanks to True Wealth Publishing.

I would like to thank to my dearest friends : 3M - Mislia, Mariani and Mahani for their support and encouragement...and to all the "Ah Huat Mee Kari" geng : Wan Rafida, Johan Rashid, Zaini, Tiger Wan, Wan Safinaz, Tochang, Liza and others who has coloured my life with my niece Nurul Izzati, thanks for understanding....not forgetting my FB friends and  Puisi & Artwork Group....thank you for supporting all my work....

Last but not least, special dedication to my inspiration, "Princess" , without you there'll be no "Anugerah Kasih".

Thanks to all of you...!!!

P/S: Hope "Anugerah Kasih" will be on the shelf after Hari Raya Aidilfitri!!!

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