Wednesday, 19 August 2015

For Decades

For decades
I have been loving you
for decades 
you were there
that special place in my heart
which no one can replace.

after decades of loving
if feels like I am losing
your sweetness
your touch
your love

My precious
may be things have change
may be you have change
but I know my love is still the same
we used to enjoy moments together
just the two of us

My precious
sorry if I am no longer fun to be with
that we need others to complete
sorry if  I cling to you so tightly
that you may wonder what's it with me
sorry if I  wanted your time
that I didn't mean to demand
I am sorry 
I am not asking for more
just the way we were
but I am not sorry for loving you
for I always have and always do.


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